Jellyfin 10.8.0 Pre-Release Linux Archives

Welcome to the Jellyfin 10.8.0 Pre-Release Linux archives page. To install the pre-release versions of Jellyfin, download the `.tar.gz` files below, then use a TAR utility to extract the files and launch `jellyfin`.

The files are organized into the following folders:

Directory Description
combined/ The combined archives, including both the server and WebUI. You probably want this.
server/ The Jellyfin server archive. This provides the core Jellyfin server in a standalone, WebUI-less format.
web/ The Jellyfin web client archives. Just the WebUI, requires a separate web server to run.

SHA-256 summary hashes are provided for each file to verify their integrity.

NOTICE: Pre-release versions contain the same "10.8.0" version tags that will be used in the final version. This is due to CI limitations. Please make careful note of which version(s) you have installed.

Current 10.8.0 Pre-Release builds

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