Jellyfin Server Releases

Welcome to the Jellyfin Server Releases page. You can find various binary packages/archives for Jellyfin here.

For more detailed instructions, including package repositories, Docker images, and other community platforms, please see our main downloads page.

Release Types

Stable releases are the official releases recommended for new users or those valuing long-term stability without breakage or changing features.

Unstable releases are for those looking for the bleeding edge, and are updated from the master branch constantly.

Nightly releases are deprecated and provide a nightly snapshot of the master branch.

Supported Platforms

 Debian Packages   Stable   Unstable   Nightly 
 Ubuntu Packages   Stable   Unstable   Nightly 
 Fedora Packages   Stable   Unstable   Nightly 
 CentOS Packages   Stable   Unstable   Nightly 
 Windows ZIP Archives   Stable   Unstable   Nightly 
 Linux TAR Archives   Stable   Unstable   Nightly 
 MacOS TAR Archives   Stable   Unstable   Nightly 
 Portable .NET TAR Archives   Stable   Unstable   Nightly 

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